31 maggio 2013


Photo Copyright Cristina Favento
In the past days I was walking with some colleagues along the Francigena itinerary to reach Monteriggioni, an amazing ancient village in the heart of Tuscany. In this days there is a "Slow travel" Festival going on and the atmosphere is just so friendly and positive you cannot imagine. It's like to be at home. I didn't had such a warm feeling since I did my trip walking along the Way of Sant'James, in 2010!
Traveling trough Tuscany for this new trip, the landscape was breathless, the company easy going, the experience to be repeated. You can see more pics on the newspaper website I write for: Il Piccolo.

If you need the images I'll be happy to share but please just insert my name for the copyright and the link to this blog (and send me the site where you're publishing so we can be in contact if you wish).
Enjoy Tuscany and slow tourism,

Cristina Favento

ps. you can find more info about our trip on twitter #viandanza #camminafrancigena #terredisiena (the comments will probably be in italian but there are a lot of more images)

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