16 maggio 2013


Dane Shitagi Copyright - Ballerina Project.com
written by Cristina Favento

The photographer Dane Shitagi realized a porfolio about dancers in about 12 years. Describing it would not make too much sense. You'd better see them. To explain just a bit more, I can say it was a kind of romantic project. I would say the aim was to catch the essence of classical dance out of the usual place where we are used to see the dancers performing. In the images they are somehow out of context, floating like art of dance usually do. At the same time, they are somehow interacting with "the outside life", with the landscape surrounding, even when the landscape is a urban one. Or overall if it is. Like in the great pic above.
The body tension is pushing up, or against the gravity force. The photographer eye is giving them a place out of the stage, is placing them like a extraordinary presence even in the ordinary life.

Learn more at this link or enjoy some more pics here.

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  1. Giulia5:29 PM

    L'avevo visto su Facebook ma non mi ricordavo come si chiamava! Grazie